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A Legacy on the West Shore of Lake Tahoe

Swiss Lakewood has been a part of the West Shore Lake Tahoe community since 1920. Originally built as a restaurant with a windmill out front, it's first name was Cunningham's. In 1965, Swiss immigrants Peewee and Milos Smika took over the business and named it Swiss Lakewood. Helga and Albert Marty were partners with the Smikas and from 1973-2002, Marty acted as the executive Master chef. In 2009, West Shore local Rick Brown took over the business as he had remembered growing up visiting Swiss Lakewood during his childhood summers and winters in Lake Tahoe. Rick Brown's grandfather bought Homewood Resort in 1938, neighbor to Swiss Lakewood.

Since Rick Brown took over the restaurant, he has kept many traditional dishes alive such as the wienerschniztel and the veal emince, but also has added some contemporary American dishes to the menu as well. In 2021 the Vodka Garden was added onto the property, adding a large outdoor dining experience to the restaurant. Swiss Lakewood has been a a part of the West Shore community for a century and continues to live on being loved by all who visit.

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